The Marvelous Monarchs of Mexico

Monarch butterflies

  We just got back from witnessing one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles. High in the Sierra Madre Mountains west of Mexico City is the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where migrating Monarchs from east of the Rockies throughout North America overwinter in a mountaintop forest of oyamel fir trees. Arriving […]

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Planning a Bear Photography Trip to Katmai, Alaska

  On the last posting we talked about the incredible opportunity to photograph brown bears fishing for salmon, and getting into some wild scuffles, at Alaska’s Brooks River Falls. The falls are located in remote Katmai National Park, accessible only by air. Remoteness, combined with a short season, limited visitor capacity, and high demand, suggests […]

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Photographing the Bears of Katmai, Alaska

Katmai bears

  Our wildlife photography highlight this past summer was undoubtedly our close encounters with brown bears (larger cousins of the grizzly) in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. We’ve been fortunate to have visited many of the world’s wildlife hotspots, and we would rank Katmai as among the best of the best for photography. Despite being fairly […]

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Photographing the Elk Rut in Jasper National Park

Elk, Jasper, Canada

  The imposing bull elk runs to the top of the ridge, where it looks over a small herd of females grazing near the riverbank. With a magnificent set of multi-point antlers stretching a metre above his head, the bull is clearly showing off to the gals. It’s the annual fall rut, or breeding season, […]

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Predator Pups – Photographing Playful Coyotes

coyote pups

  Coyotes are among the most prevalent wildlife in North America. We often catch glimpses of them, and their night time yipping-like howls are common serenades in many rural areas. But despite their prevalence, coyotes are not as easy to photograph as we might expect. Considered pests by many, coyotes are often hunted, and consequently […]

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Prairie Dogs of Grasslands National Park

black-tailed prairie dogs

  Wildlife viewing and photography is seldom a sure thing. Animals move around a lot and aren’t always where we think they will be. Black-tailed prairie dogs, however, are an exception. Come here in summer and you’ll certainly find plenty of these spirited critters scurrying around and chattering away. The Frenchman River Valley in the […]

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